Monday, November 28, 2011

Talking Points # 10 Quotes*

1. Education is Politics An Agenda for Empowerment by Ira Shor

2. Pg.1 "If I were a primary-grade teacher, I would devote my time to problems of socialization. The most important thing children learn is not the three R's, It's socialization." 
It's incredibly important for children to at least be introduced as to "how" to socialize at a young age, we should influence children to be curious, to ask questions, to be intrigued, and to most of all encourage them to think about their school and the environment that they are in.

Pg.4 "To be critical in such a democratic curriculum means to examine all subjects and the learning process with systematic depth;to connect student individuality to historical and social issues; to encourage students to examine how their experiences relate to academic knowledge, to power, and to inequality in society; and to approach received wisdom and the status quo with questions."
I just found this quote to be really straight and to the point about the processes and or steps of how to change the world.

Pg.5 "To many people, the very idea of regaining any real control over social institutions and personal development is abstract and 'nonsensical.' In general...many people do see society's economic, social, and education institutions as basically self-directing, with little need for their participation and with little necessity for them to communicate and argue over the ends and means of these same institutions."
This quote is about the weakness of democratic power in society.

In Class I'd like to discuss the empowering pedagogy
Participatory, Affective, Problem-posing, Situated, Multicultural Dialogic, Desocializing, Democratic, Researching, Interdisciplinary, Activist.


  1. Your first quote stands out to me because I agree that children need to get to know each other ask questions and get to know their surroundings. This quote is a very important one.